Did you ever notice that some things are just better together? For example, vanilla ice cream: on its own, it's good, but throw some strawberries or chocolate jimmies on it and all of a sudden you've got something truly tasty. I've noticed this combo superiority effect quite a lot lately because, well, I'm pregnant with twins (there's a bit more on our official D&S blog.)

This idea of superior combos is also how I think of the new Google beta service that we've just launched. We took Writely, the Web word processor, and integrated it with Google Spreadsheets. The result is Google Docs & Spreadsheets -- one place where you can create, store, share and publish your documents and spreadsheets online. (Bookmark this: docs.google.com.) Keeping your documents and spreadsheets online is a treat because you can access them from anywhere via a Web browser. You can also get feedback and contributions from others you invite without having to email around copies of files, because the current version is always online.

Get a taste of the Google Docs & Spreadsheets combo with our mini tour. Really, though, the best way to get a flavor is to sample it for yourself. Anyone can use it -- after you log in just click on the links for New Document, New Spreadsheet, or Upload(lets you upload your desktop files) to get going. Help yourself and let us know (via this new D&S Google Group) what you think.