As you might have heard recently, in addition to search and advertising, we're focused on a third key area of innovation: powerful applications that run on the web and that let you collaborate and communicate in new ways. Not only do we offer email, calendaring, and document creation and collaboration services (and more!) for individuals, but with Google Apps, businesses, schools and other organizations can customize these tools and use them as their own internal systems.

More than 100,000 organizations large and small have started using Google Apps to deliver powerful services to employees, students and members, and since there's no hardware or software to install or maintain, getting up and running is a snap. We're hearing great stories from users, and we're getting exciting feedback from journalists, analysts and other industry experts. And just this week, PC World named Google Apps Premier Edition #1 on their list of The 100 Best Products of 2007.

We're honored to be recognized by PC World this way -- and are more inspired than ever to expand what's possible for groups of people to do using the power of the web.