Life at the Googleplex is often full of fun surprises. One day, I was asked if I could do a massage interview. I was already a big fan of our massage program, and I was familiar with doing interviews at Google, but I didn't know about massage interviews. Regardless, it sounded Googley, and I decided to help.

Getting a massage at work is a favorite perk among Googlers. As with anyone we hire, our massage therapists have to go through an interview process...but the actual interviews are a little unique. We ask the therapists to do what they do best -- give massages. And as Googlers, it is our duty to help with the hard task of receiving table or chair massages as part of the interviews. Though we do have to write detailed feedback about the massage, just like any other interview, in this interview, all I had to do was close my eyes and relax. Who knew interviewing could be so easy!