A year and a half ago, we released Google Analytics as a free service to help people measure the success of their Web sites. In that time, the response has been fantastic - hundreds of thousands of sites across the Web have access to this powerful analysis previously only available to the enterprise.

Now, we're taking the next step: making that analysis even more accessible and easy to use. Today we're announcing a complete redesign of Google Analytics.

We started over a year ago with dozens of interviews with power users, those new to analytics, and everyone in between. They told us they needed their data organized in a more intuitive way. They wanted to be able to see traffic trends in context with more explanation of what the numbers mean. And they needed tools to help them communicate what they'd found with others. This research fed months of development and design iteration to create a totally new user experience.

We've been working on this since I blogged about the Measure Map acquisition. Since then, we've collaborated with the combined team from Google and Urchin Software to bring user-centered design to their strong development skills. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

You can find out more at the Google Analytics Blog and be sure to check out this demo for more details.